Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Royal Danish School of Library and Information Science

This is my school. It's not a very pretty building, and I'm afraid it's not much prettier on the inside. But I guess that makes it easier to focus on the job at hand?!

I really wanted to show you the whole place, but then I forgot to take pictures :-(
Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow?! And now, I must work, and dream of the things I'll sew when I have handed in this paper!
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Lily Boot said...

hmmm .. doesn't look conducive to sewing but does look very efficient - what are you working towards Tine?

ladydi said...

Good luck with that paper!

thriftymrs said...

Good luck with all the work!

Dana said...

Get your nose in the books and your fingers on the key board. :)

thriftymrs said...

You've been tagged - check out my blog to see the rules!