Saturday, June 13, 2009

YAY! I still know how to sew!

...or atleast, I can still sew like before :) I have finished my pink and orange 8two8 quilttop! I find it so intimidating to make a quilttop using the beautiful blocks made for me by my friends....but leaving them a UFO would be worse than messing them up....maybe!
Anyway, I added the strips of fabric in between the blocks to make the quilt a bit bigger, I didn't want regular sashing, I was afraid it would take away from the blocks. I love each and every one of these blocks...this quilt will be treasured! -if I ever dare quilt it, that is :)

I made a block for Beth for 8two8...I am a bit behind, I am making her a green and a purple block. So far all I have is the green block ;)
I have also made a simple quilt for the kids. They need something to keep them warm in the bike. So when Charles saw Barbapapa curtains, he bought them for the fabric....a sweetie with an eye for fabric! What more can I ask for?!
I quilted rows of hearts on this, they don't show up so well here, but look at this photo on Flickr, and you should be able to see them.
Viola chose the backing fabric, a vintage sheet I had in my stash. The girl has good taste, if you ask me....
The binding came from stash, and the batting is actually a fleece-blanket from IKEA ;)

I am planning to take you to my new job soon...yep, I am now employed. No more full-time studies for me for a while (dare I say never again?!). I feel very blessed, lucky and happy!!
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