Sunday, June 19, 2016

Crazy busy June

This month is busy. I started a new job June 1st (I love it - more about that later)
My sister got married June 4th, it was a very special day. We celebrated with them all day, and it was such a special day. 

I had made them pillowcases for their birthdays, and that was what they wished for as thair wedding present. More pillows. And wine. A combination that makes sense - you want to be comfy while drinking wine, right?!

I wanted to make them different designs, so I started out with a dresden:

I quilted it with a 1'' grid - I really do not have the patience for that...

I also made a kaleidoscope. I still want to make a quilt with this block. I just love it!

I am not sure what the name of this block is, but it is made from 9-patches that are cut op into triangles and sewn back together:

 I like the quilting on the 4-patch pillow:

Here you can see it from the back. Elizabeth Hartman has a great tute for this dogwood quilting.

And here they are, all together:

I am happy with how they turned out. And I think my sister is too :-)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

More little earbud pouches

My daugther really wanted me to make some of the little heartshaped earbud pouches for her friends. So I have made a few...

A couple of blue ones for the friends loving blues... And....I prefer turning the zipper the way it is on the top pouch. I makes it so much easier to sew the little fabric square without having it bent out of shape....

A pink and purple heartshaped pouch, and a round one for me :-)

And finally one more heartshaped blue one... I think this last one is my favorite. Well...either this one or the pink/purple one...or the blue one with the owls...

I'll have to make some more. All information about the tutorial is here :-)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A panda pillow...

My daugther loves pillows, and pandas (well....and unicorns and rainbows too, just to be fair!)
So when I saw this photo print in a local fabric store, I knew I had to buy one. It's the quickest pillow I have ever made.

The front is just the panel as is...and I made the back from 2 cute prints. One of them had to be a panda-print of course

She loves it, and I have all sorts of plans for pillows to make for both my kids. Because they really like them - and maybe that means that some of all the softies can move to other homes??

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Elena sized hour baskets

When the kids saw the hour baskets I made for the kitchen, they really wanted one each, to keep track of their stuff in the car.... The Hour Baskets are quite roomy - so I went with a smaller size, the Elena size from Friends of the Hour Basket - for this project.

Miss V really likes the designs by Me and My Sister Design, so I chose these 2 mini charm packs for her Elena hour basket

I am very pleased with the finished result

I had just finished cutting out charms for a basket for my son, when he came home from school and told me, that he wanted something completely different. So he chose the fabrics for his basket from my yardage:

Really nice choice! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

An ittybitty heartshaped earbud pouch for Miss V

You know how those smartphone earbuds always get tangled up in a big mess - and possibly they got themselves tangled into pretty much everything else in your bag?
...I don't, but that is what my daugther asked me, right before asking, if she could please have some little bag to keep them seperate from the rest of her stuff - and could that bag please be purple?

So, I found this cute heartshaped earbud pouch tutorial. It is by Dog Under my Desk, and it is really simple to make!

I'll need to make one for me. But maybe the round one - I'm not sure I would want the heartshaped one...cute as it is :-)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

My first hour baskets

Oh my goodness! If you haven't made one (or more) of these hour baskets yet, go get the pattern, and make some!!
The pattern has directions for fabric handles, but I have some leather, and I really like how that looks. So I substituted...also, it's a lot quicker :-)

My kids like to get their own snacks in between meals, and they really should be able to, but we have just never has a space designated to "snacks it's ok to eat" - i.e. not sugary candylike stuff..
So I desided to make an hourbasket, and put the granola bars, the crackers and the other goodies in that - put it right there on the kitchen counter, so it would be easy for them to choose something healthy. 

But then....who can make just one? There's a pattern, Friends of the Hour Basket, that'll give you lots of different sizes, can't wait to try some of them out!

This one, in the pretty Kaffe Fassett print, will be for bread, breadsticks, tortillas etc.

I love these.... they are so fun to make.
Maybe I should make one for potatoes...onions.......anything, really.

My daugther has asked for some to organize her toys and her markers. So I am sure I get to make many more of these :-)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Star Wars x-wing pillow for my youngest

A while ago, I tested a Krity Lea/Quietplay pattern for a 12.5'' x-wing block. The pattern is great btw, you can see my post here.

Anyway, I wanted to use the block, so I added some borders

The Star Wars print seemed perfect :-)

Quilted it and added a back (and a zipper, pillows need zippers!)

...and here's the finished pillow! My son is happy, and it matches his Star Wars quilt!