Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sewing - and a little bit of Copenhagen

I am finally feeling better! But you know how far behind you get?! After just a few days of being sick! Argh! I really wanted to sew - and I really needed to catch up on some tidying and cleaning. Some laundry. Chores...
So, I made a rule: 45 mins sewing time, 30 mins of doing chores. 
And it worked! I got so much done today! I am not at all done cleaning and tidying. Or sewing. I finished all 4 corner blocks, though. So I am ready to piece the last 3 blocks tomorrow - and hopefully cut some of the borders. We'll see how far I get!
 This past week I spent a few days attending a class - this picture is taken in the morning on my way there. It's early, that's why it's a little dark..

A lot of these narrow streets are cobblestone and a pain to ride a bike on.
But they are very pretty!
This looks a little brighter 😊
I love these streets with the old and colorful houses ❤️

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Kate said...

Glad you are feeling better. The flu can really take it out of you. Love these colorful blocks with the black background, they really glow. Hope you get more caught up this week on both the chores and the stitching.