Thursday, May 20, 2010

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...

I have been busy....and I have managed to sqeeze in a little bit of sewing time, but not nearly enough! Sad but true.

I have mostly been working on blocks for the quilting bees I am in.
This is for the EuroBee I am not in this bee anymor, I had to sign out because of my crazy schedule *sniff*:

Charles and I took the kids to the ZOO, and Little A bought a snake-softie at the store, Miss V chose a bunny. But when we got home Miss V really really wanted a snake, so...I made her one: She loves it - although it doesn't look anything like the one A bought!

This scarf is still in the making....the pattern is not too difficult, just time-consuming. And to be fair, it did say so in the book (Last minute knitted gifts by Joelle Hoverson)

I have also finished a row for Tia for my Row10 quilting bee. She wanted red and white crosses.

The owl was part of Kims row...she wanted red/aqua gnomes/mushrooms/woodland creatures. You can see my row in my flickr set and Kims quilt WIP here.

So hopefully you haven't all forgotten me? I miss blogging and seeing what you all have been up to! Thank you for the emails, I love hearing from you :)