Monday, January 30, 2017

Sarah Fielke BOM - border corner blocks

I still have the flu 😷 
I am getting better, but not even close to being ok 😖 I have spent most of the weekend sleeping, but I have also listened to podcasts and stitched. 
Miss V had a sleepover at a friends house, and little A got to go to his dads house (thank you!), so I didn't have to look after anyone but me!
I finished 2 of the corner blocks for the outer border for my "Happy Days" quilt. 
2 weeks left to finish the top, and 3 big blocks left to sew. 
But first, I need to get rid of the flu... 

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Kate said...

The flu takes an amazing amount of time to recover from. Hope you are on the mend now. Glad you got the weekend to just take care of you.