Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tumbling blocks pillows - a birthday present

I have always liked the tumbling blocks pattern - also in fabric.
I had this idea of making one-color tumbling blocks pillows, that they would look good together.
So I started out with yellow

See? No Y-seams! That makes this sooooo much easier.
I finished the yellow pillow 

...and started making a green in the same way

I chose some very colorful fish-stamp fabric for the back

And there you go! 2 tumbling block/fish stamp pillows done:

They were a present for a December birthday and they were well recieved - I do think that the recipient has more than enough pillows now, so if I want a bunch of these in different colors, I may have to make them for myself :-)

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Kate said...

Very pretty! Love the bright colors.