Monday, May 26, 2008

Manhole-cover quilts

I managed to find the photo of the quilts, and I scanned it so you can see it. Obviously I did not sew these!
I re-read my post from yesterday, and couldn't help thinking, that you all must think I have lost my mind! LOL...
Turns out I went to this quiltshow in 2001 or 2002! That's a while ago :-)
These are quilts made from pictures of japanese manhole-covers, you can see the drawing on the paper next to the quilts....well, they are quite small!

There are several flickr-groups dedicated to pictures of manhole-covers, from all over the world: Japan and New York and several other places.
Who knew they were popular?! I sure didn't :-)

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Sarah said...

we don't have any interesting man hole covers, but I keep looking. Thanks for the lovely comment about my houses and thanks for the links to the manhole cover groups. I'm off to go look!

ladydi said...

I learn so much from blogging! I had no idea that man hole covers could be anything other than ordinary. Thanks for the links! Now that I look at the ones on our street with an eye toward art, I do see that they look like enormous chocolate chip cookies:>}

Suzanne said...

I have never seen anything like these quilts. Thanks for sharing the photos of them with us.
Have a great week.

sweepstake lotto said...

wala pulos imo blog.

mathea said...

I remeber reading about those manhole cover quilts a while back, but haven't seen any pictures before - thank you for sharing them!