Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not keeping up at all :-(

Thank you for all the nice comments on the daycare-situation. We are trying to make the best of it!
It is stressing me out a bit, and I'm not posting everyday at all!! That has got to change :-)

This is a window-display at the Copenhagen Public Library. It's pretty amazing, this little "mouse-town" is made out of painted milk-cartons etc. It's made by Shane Brox, a former designer for Levi's.

Look at the castle -I apologize for the reflections in the window :-)

And here is a lazy little napping-mouse... Look at that cute little bookshelf!

And the toystore is definately worth a visit

Here's a view of downtown Mouseville...

My kids could spend the entire day here I think.


thriftymrs said...

Oh wow, I love the milk carton art, what a fab way to recycle. Thanks for sharing your photos.

anne from finland said...

What a lovely little mouse town! I wish good luck to your children at daycare! I´ve four children myself and I´ve quite a lot experience from this field! :-)

Lily Boot said...

don't libraries and other such public spaces put on the best displays of art - makes you want to go home and make your own mouse town. Poor little Ask and poor Tine! It is wobbly and nerve-wracking when you have to start something new - Abby would be waiting for me at the gate the first few weeks of kinder and I felt so mean that I was inflicting this upon her! But she found her feet and the staff were lovely and now she has no memory of this at all - just lovely memories of the fun bits! Hope it goes well! I'll be thinking of you both :-)

ladydi said...

Thanks for sharing Mouse Town with us. What great ideas people come up with, don't they?

I hope you will be enjoying what you do while Ask is in daycare. Would it be too nosy to inquire?

Tonya said...

That is just too cute! What a fun project for the kids. Of course, it wouldn't look as nice as this one, but would still be fun to do.