Sunday, October 3, 2010

A very productive day! feels like today has been a productive day, but really all I have done is get the laundry under control, and clean my house.
One good thing about a clean home is, that I get to decorate a little.
Fall decorations
Miss V chose these yesterday on the way to the movies :) She has wanted to get some of these for a really long time. And now I can actually put them out somewhere, without having to either move a pile of stuff or put them on top of it!

I have also been thinking of what to do about curtains in our living room. We need to be able to close some curtains duing the middle of the day ;) Right now we don't have any. I want to sew some, but I am not sure what kind - any ideas?

I have also been thinking about Christmas sewing...nothing like dreaming of future sewing projects while folding laundry, right?
Patterns :)
These 2 patterns are on my list of bags I want to sew. I absolutely love Keyka Lous patterns. The one I have here is the "Foldover Clutch". The other one is Amy Butlers "Blossom Handbag".
Amy Butlers pattern will be a challenge, but I am going to give it a try....sometime!


Bec Clarke said...

Oh I love Keyka Lou patterns too, that AB bag looks hard, good luck

Alex said...

Cute pumpkins!
I downloaded those purse patterns too, they look challenging to me too!

ladydi said...

Love your pumpkins! I just wish clean houses would last longer. LOL! I see so many gorgeous bags when patients come in to the doctors office where I work - they give me good ideas.