Monday, October 4, 2010

How did I get this tired?

WARNING: This post is just my tired mumblings......

Look what Charles gave me today! A new Moomin mug!
I love this little treasure hunter :)
I am so tired this evening, I had a long day at the office. I had hoped to sew a bit this evening, but I am just too tired. Getting up at 5:30AM does that to me ;)
You'll see all the pictures are taken with my cell while I'm sitting on the couch - I'm too tired and too lazy to get up. So you'll have to excuse the poor quality of the pictures....

I am blogging, watching some Ms Marple on tv, and playing Mario on Miss V's Nintendo. And that's about all I can do this evening ;)
I absolutely understand why these are so popular with the kids!! Little A wants one too - a blue one ;) But at 3 years old, I think he is still a little young. Maybe this Christmas....or when he turns 4 in spring. We'll see.
Also I want to share a comment he made this evening that made me laugh. He wanted to try on my shoes - not my sneakers but my work shoes...I want him to not break his ancle, so I said no.
He then looked at the shoes...looked up at me with a frown and said "These are like little slides mom!"
And I guess he is right!


LJ said...

How you can wear them shoes is beyond me! I can barely walk straight barefootedly!
I love playing video games on a smaller scale more so than the larger tv ones.
What a cute mug! Now I want a moomin mug!

Tonya said...

LOL Ooooh, nice shoes! That is so cute what A said, he is right!

Hope you feel refreshed tomorrow. I have had a tiring day as well, still hoping to get some sewing done, we shall see how I feel in a few hours lol

Exuberant Color said...

Pretty shoes, love the color, but no way I could ever wear that type again. they are for the young! I hope you get your energy back.

ladydi said...

Now Tine, I don't want to sound like your grandmother, and the shoes are pretty, BUT!!! No wonder you are tired after teetering around in stilts all day. Try some nice flat heeled Sketchers and you will feel much better. ;0) I love that you didn't want Little A to break his ankle, and I don't want you to break yours!