Monday, October 11, 2010


I sometimes need to remind myself of all the blessings in  my life. Also, I need to remind myself of what's important. Sometimes in my schedule with 2 small kids, a fulltime job and trying to keep a somewhat decent house - I get a little lost.

And....nomatter how much I think about this, there really is only one thing that is truly important to me, and that is my family. My kids.

Washing the cover for the couch
Laundry has not been a priority this week, quilts are the "stand-in" for the dirty couch-cover
Obviously there are many other things in my life there are important, and that take up a lot of my time. My job, keeping our home nice and clean, cooking dinners, doing laundry.....all that stuff we all do every day.
But sometimes I need to tell myself, that if I can only choose one thing, I choose my family. They are the only truly irreplaceables.


Alex said...

so true! my family is always number one too.

ps. i love the colourful quilty cover!

ladydi said...

Smart you, Tine. When you're my age you'll look back and wonder how they grew up so quickly, and be ever so glad you spent time with them while they were growing up. And some days you'll wish you could just go back and do it all again. :>}

mtnchild said...

Wonderful post! Everything else can wait, family IS the most important.

Shellie said...

ditto! :)