Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another WIP

I bought a bunch of FQ's from Katy a while back (2 years ago...pretty much to the date), and I have had several different plans with them. Many ideas and plans later, I have finally cut into them over these past few days, and I have made a beginning
Morris Workshop quilt
The colors are not very good in this picture, they are more subtle. Later I will get a picture in daylight. That's going to be much better!
I really like this weave-type pattern for these prints. I wanted something that would show off the prints, and I think this will be just right.
The finished quilt will have a lot more variety, I have 16 different quilts in all - this is just how much I have done at the moment.
I would love to finish this in time for Christmas.....but I have other sewing jobs to finish first, so we'll see!
This quest for my sewing mojo is working, but not as quickly as I would like. I'm not a very process-oriented person. I like results!


LJ said...

I ilike the basketweave pattern too!

Alex said...

YEAH! for the mojo quest working!!

ladydi said...

So pretty! It has kind of a stained glass effect with the black sashing. I like it!