Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bee Row done!

This evening I set up my sewing machine at our dining room table. My parents are visiting, and they are sleeping in my sewing I had to "move out" if I wanted to sew. And I did.

I am hopelessly behind in my Row10 group, and that makes me feel really bad! So...I pulled some fabrics, wanting to finish the row I had started for Lu.
Working on Lu's row 
I am not used to the colorscheme Lu chose, she wanted square-in-square in sherbert colors. I love working with these colors!!
Row10 for Lu 
I am sorry the pictures are not very good, it's close to midnight here, and the camera on my cell doesn't have a very powerful flash.
But you can still get an idea of the row.
Row10 for Lu 
I really like the yellow print with the birds. I hope it is not too bright for the sherbert quilt!
Row10 for Lu 
I am so happy to have this done, and I am also really happy with how it turned out. 
Tomorrow I am planning to make a signature block for Lu to put in (on?) the backing, and then this is on its way to a new home in a collaborative quilt ;)
Row10 for Lu 
I know this last photo is very strange looking, my only excuse is, that fitting a 60'' row into one picture is not easy!


Sarah said...

i love that first block! how you used a different fabric on one side. lu's quilt is going to be beautiful.

ladydi said...

She'll love it! Is it hard to "burn the midnight oil" and then get up for work the next day??

mtnchild said...

I think that the yellow bird fabric adds a little bit of "kick" to the row - I like it.

I'm not a pastel person, but this row ended up looking really, really good.