Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A little sewing

I am so behind in my Row10 online quilting bee :/ No fun, these women are my dear friends, and I hate being late sewing their rows.
My parents took me and the kids to an awesome fabric store yesterday. And I had the best time picking out these prints for Lucindas row
Visit to the fabric store 
Lu asked for sherbert colors, and I didn't really have any in my stash. Now that I have these, I see that not having worked with this colorscheme before is a great mistake! I love these colors!
I managed to sew 2 blocks last night, then I had to stop because I was using my moms machine and it is in my parents' bedroom. 
A start!!!
I can't wait to get back home so I can make some more!!
These are so much fun! The colors are fab and the square in square pattern is showing off the prints in such a nice way.


Jackie said...

Great fabrics! Very sherbet like too!

Shellie said...

lovely Tine! can't wait to see more blocks :)

Chris said...

Love the fabrics!!! They are so cheerful :)

ladydi said...

I can see how having the sewing machine in the same room where people like to sleep would be a problem. :>} Perhaps next time you come to stay she'll decide the living room is the very place for the sewing machine. Lovely fabric!