Monday, October 18, 2010

My sushi-loving daughter

The kids have next week off from school and daycare. I have been able to take Monday and Tuesday off from work, so yesterday the kids and I went to stay with my parents for a long weekend.
My sister lives in the same apartment building as my parents (they recently moved here), and that works out so great for the kids, because then they get to see everyone everytime we come here!
Kids' sushi
The sushi-chef made these special for my kids!!

As some of you may know, Miss V, my sister and I love sushi. So my sister was very excited to invite us all to a resturant with a conveyor belt sushi buffet -the picture is not of where we went, but the same idea. Miss V LOVED it! I have never seen her eat so much. Ever. She ate almost as much as I did - and I could have rolled out of there!
The small protions meant she could try new kinds of sushi and not worry about having ordered too much and then not liking it. Perfect! She loved being able to pick makis off the buffet.

Ask doesn't like sushi, so he had chicken and fries :)

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ladydi said...

What a kind and clever sushi chef! She (or he) should really take up quilting as a sideline.