Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Nintendo cozy

I bought a Nintendo DSi for Little A this past week. He is so happy with it, and he loves that he got a blue one :) So naturally I needed to make a cozy for his Nintendo as well - also we had to ride the train to my parents' house, and I really wanted him to be able to bring it :)

Miss V helped pick the fabrics
Cozy for A's nintendo
Again I can only encourage you all to set your strippy scraps aside, it makes it so much easier to make projects like this!



Kjempelurt. Alt vi har av dupeditter trenger beskyttelse i form av noe fint av lapper. Ha en strålende søndag!

LJ said...

Hello! I so want a DSi for me! Lol. I'm waiting though until next spring when they come out with their new 3D model. I'm very excited. They're even coming out with a new Animal Crossing. That's a game your littles would like to play on the Wii too.

ladydi said...

OK, I will. This very week I have a plan to organize my fabric stash. (!!!) The strippy scraps will have their own container. I'm going to use all clear containers, and have a different one for each color - and of course one for strippy scraps. :>}

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Such a practical project -another great use of scraps. I think I need to organise mine a bit better.

Alex said...

Very cute and useful!