Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall is here!

Look...fall is here. Miss V and I took this picture yesterday afternoon...
Miss Vs sneakers and mine
The kids and I were home alone last night, it was a bit of a logistic nightmare. Miss V had a swimming class, and I can't bring A when he can't go in the water.....he would scream from we arrived until we left again. I can deal with that, but the other kids and parents who don't love him unconditionally like I do - unlikely!!
So A was picked up by his uncle, V and I went to the pool, we were all home at 6PM - and had a picnic in the living room :)
Pizza picnic in the living room
I had ordered pizza - my kids' fave is margharita with 3 x olives :) They usually remember us at the pizza-place.

Since I have already made the commitment to blog everyday of October, I figured I may as well join the Blogtoberfest - the name alone makes it all worth it!
Blogtoberfest - Small - White Background 
This should be fun! 
I am working on a list of Christmas sewing - and a list of sewing to do before I can start my Christmas sewing!


upstateLisa said...

I understand totally...when teen (who was 4 at the time) took skating class, we would drive very slowly so that Nature Boy would fall asleep and would remain asleep in the stroller off the ice so I could help teen. When he stopped sleeping thru the lesson, lessons stopped.

Tonya said...

Mmmmmmm, lots of black olives, just how I like my pizza too : D

Alex said...

mmm margharita can keep the olives ;)

I remember the days of trying to do stuff with little ones, when one didn't want to be there, but the other will pass!

ladydi said...

Little A is smart! He knows how much fun swimming is, and he doesn't want to miss even a minute of it.