Sunday, June 19, 2016

Crazy busy June

This month is busy. I started a new job June 1st (I love it - more about that later)
My sister got married June 4th, it was a very special day. We celebrated with them all day, and it was such a special day. 

I had made them pillowcases for their birthdays, and that was what they wished for as thair wedding present. More pillows. And wine. A combination that makes sense - you want to be comfy while drinking wine, right?!

I wanted to make them different designs, so I started out with a dresden:

I quilted it with a 1'' grid - I really do not have the patience for that...

I also made a kaleidoscope. I still want to make a quilt with this block. I just love it!

I am not sure what the name of this block is, but it is made from 9-patches that are cut op into triangles and sewn back together:

 I like the quilting on the 4-patch pillow:

Here you can see it from the back. Elizabeth Hartman has a great tute for this dogwood quilting.

And here they are, all together:

I am happy with how they turned out. And I think my sister is too :-)