Monday, March 14, 2011

Catching up...

I am having a very strange 2011 so far. There are some personal issues I need to sort out - so be patient with me!
I have hardly touched my sewing machine all year, so I am already behind in getting bee blocks made and sent to my friends. This weekend I made a start, and I will catch up!
This is the first block I made for LauraJay for the BeeFF bee on Flickr:
LauraJay requested faded colors. Working on these made me realize that I have almost no faded colors in my stash. I knew I like bright, but still....
This is the second block I made for her:
Sorry about the blurry picture and the awful colors in this picture :(
I also had some catching up to do for the Row10 bee from 2010 (ACK!)
This is the row I made:
Row 10 for LJ
It was sent out a little more than a week ago, so it should arrive at its new home soon!

Also....I have finally decided on an e-book reader. I have had such a hard time deciding, but now it is here, and I LOVE it!!
Now my biggest problem is, that I still have to finish the paperback I am reading. I sooo want to read on my Kindle instead!