Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Positive Wednesday :)

Having a busy life, being lucky enough to have kids and also to have a job that enables me to provide for them, that makes me thankful!

My daugther gave me these this morning, right before I went out the door at 6:30AM to go to work.
As I am sure you have guessed MOR is Danish for Mom :)
That makes me feel blessed and thankful - getting letters and drawings from my daugther!

And it makes me feel like that every time I look at them during the day. I have them at the office with me, as a reminder of the blessings I have.
It even makes it more bearable that I don't have time to sew!

Monday, January 10, 2011


We still have a lot of snow here.
So yesterday when Miss V and I walked home from the pool (yes, it is an indoor pool!), this is what we were walking on:
I could have worn more sensible shoes, sneakers are not the best for walking on ice!
There was a lot of laughing, a lot of sliding and no falls!! I did have to catch her a few times, but we didn't fall :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

State of the WIPs...

...most of them anyway!

I laid out the rows for my Row10 quilt to take pictures this evening, and Little A just couldn't stay off it!!
I have all the rows now, and I absolutely love every one of them! A huge thank you to my friends who made these rows for me. This quilt will definately be a favourite!
I have also looked at my WIPs to see how much I still have to do to have a finished quilttop.
This first one is my scrappy circle WIP. I think I need to make quite a few more of these to have a quilt in a good size.
Not too bad, though, I have more blocks than I though I did :)

This next one is going to take me forever to finish. I am not enjoying making these stars as much as I enjoy looking at them! I am sure I will love this once it is done - but I am not sure it will be done in 2011....

This week has been hard work. Getting up at 5:30AM is not easy for me, and especially not during winter when it is so dark in the morning! I'll stop whining, I really enjoy my job - it's just the getting up early in the mornings I don't like so much!
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A year of living positively

This year I am going to do a post every week about something positive that happened to me, big or small.
Starting work again after New Years has been both rewarding and exhausting. I really like my job, and the kids have been so happy going back to their friends, so everything is going really well.
However, I am a person who likes to stay up late in the evenings and sleep in a little - and Charles has let me do that during the holidays - so getting up at 5:30AM and being at the office by 7AM is a little challenging right now. I have managed, and I will manage to do it, though.

Anyway, Charles sees that I am tired, and since I don't drink coffee, he got me a big cherry coke. Mmmmm...just what I need after a long day at the office! Cherry coke and reruns of "Bones" and my sweetie. That makes me thankful :D

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quilty goals for 2011

I am not sure if I am going to be able to finish all of this in 2011, but here's the list and then we'll see how much I get done :)

I have finally made curtains for our living room, and I would love to have an extra set! Maybe even a set of Christmas curtains before December 2011! How fun would it be to have Christmas curtains?!

I am in the Bee FF quilting bee on Flickr, so I want to be on time with the blocks for that. That may sound as an easy goal to achieve, but it hasn't been so in the past! Here's hoping I'll do better in 2011!

My growing list of UFOs should be reduced.
These are the ones I want to finish:

My SC2 quilt. I have all the blocks, and I am using this mustard solid to make sashing.
SC2 LO?!
This has been waiting for a while because I couldn't decide what to use for sashing. But I need to finish it!

I also want to finish the quilt for our bed
Quilttop done 
Right now we use to regular sized quilts to make our bed, not a very good solution!
Also, I have my Row10 quilt. I still have to make my row for this
Row 10
I am looking forward to this one being finished! I love these rows so much!!

I want to reduce my stash in 2011. It is not too big, but I can definately make quite a few quilts with what I have, so my goal is to work from stash. I can buy fabrics for binding and I will need to buy batting. And I know I will buy fabric, but it shouldn't be as much as it has been in 2010.

Oh...I also want to make a quilt for Charles' dad and his girlfriend, they are getting married sometime this spring. And my SIL is turning 50....and one of my friends is having a baby.

I'll be busy!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Miss V set the table..
We've set the table

She helped me make our favourite food for the first course

V and I made sushi 

The boys don't care for sushi, so they pretty much waited for the main course :) Which also means that Miss V and I will be having sushi for lunch tomorrow!
We went for a walk and looked at the fireworks, we turned our couch around so we sat facing the windows looking out at the fireworks and we ate way too much candy.

A perfect New Years Eve!

I wish you and your loved ones a happy and blessed New Year and thank you for all your kind words, your support and friendship in 2010 - I am looking forward to seeing what 2011 will bring!