Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Aaaargh! No TV!

For some reason, there is only snow on the TV-screen tonight :-( Hate that! But it will give me some time to work on my newest project, a hexagon-flower pillowcase! The kids have so many huge pillows to play with, and some of them are in desperate need of a face-lift!

I am late sending some fabric to Tia :-(
But since I'm late, she'll get these 5 fat quarters added to what I was planning to send. I am buying fabrics for a new Plain Spoken, and was buying solids for that. So instead of buying FQ's, I got 50 cm of each so we could each get a FQ.
Aren't they great? I am really excited about collecting fabrics for this quilt -can you tell?!
I got these four beautiful 6" squares as a bonus-prize from Jen at Crafty Giveaways! YAY! They are stunning, thank you so much :-) If you haven't been to her blog, go right now!!! She's giving away lots of wonderful stuff every week... Too good to miss!
And I apologize for taking all the photos on my newly dyed sofa....I just love it so much :-)
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Dyeing the sofacover

The all-white sofa-cover was looking really dirty after less than 24 hours. LOL! And I just couldn't find a way to make it work. Nomatter what I did, I thought the whole room was pale and sorry-looking :-(

So this morning I went out to get some purple dye. But purple was sold out everywhere!! I went all over Copenhagen trying to find it, but it turns out the company has not been delivering purple to the stores for a while, so they are all out.

Instead, I bought turquoise...
I thought about hot pink for a while, but thought Charles probably wouldn't be too happy with that. While I waited for the machine to do all the work for me, I finished most of the binding on Violas I SPY...
Now all I had to do was wait for it to dry.... It is looking good to me!
I finally finished the binding! Hooray! You must all be happy not to have to hear about this project again. It seems like it has taken forever!
Here is the sofa, new and improved. I like it so much better than the white!And here is the finished I SPY! Viola was so excited when I showed her, and started spying things right away. Oh was I ever pleased about that :-)
I made mitered corners using this tutorial! It was not as hard as I thought it would be, I'll be using this method in future projects!
I also got some fabrics -a lot of the stores I went to in search of dye had fabric too- but I'll show you that next time!

For a great giveaway, go visit Crafty Giveaways. This weeks giveaway is a started quilt!!

Friday, July 25, 2008


I recently won John's giveaway on Quiltdad. And I won my favourite of the four bags he was giving away! It is beautiful, thank you so much John! I love my new bag :-)

And look at all the goodies he sent! Candy, 2 CDs of the best music -he named them "music to quilt to"- and this stunning quilted postcard
As I'm sure you can imagine, there was a lot of uuuhs and ooohs and aaahhhs as I was unpacking all of these treasures!

Charles' favourite is the swedish fish candies...he is half Swedish :-)
Thank you John, I love it all. So many goodies!

Viola and I went to IKEA today, we have a sofa that desperately needs a back-up cover. I opted for the cheapest one, an all-white cotton! Maybe not the best choice with 2 little ones....but oh well!
What is worse is, I don't like my sofa being white!! Its usual cover is red, and this is quite a dramatic change... I'm thinking dye.... Purple?!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Presents and a swap

My friend Diana sent me a sewing-project along with the scraps she sent me for Violas I SPY (finished quilting, it needs binding).
Viola and I worked on this together, and it was a lot of fun :-)

She asked me where we live, and when I showed her Denmark on the map, she said " Yipee! We live in a purple country!"
Lucky for us, for -as Diana said when I told her- it would be such a shame to have to move, because we were living in a red or a green country!!

But then.....look what I got in the mail!!
Diana sent me this sunrise wallhanging, not as a swap -just because! Thank you so much Diana! I love it!

I have finished my July miniquilt for the Flickr swap...
Here's a sneak peek
I'll show you the whole miniquilt once it has reached its new home!
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jacket for Ask

Hmm....2 posts in one day is not a good idea, but I just have to show you this quilted jacket I have made -well, it's almost finished- for Ask. It's denim, thinsulate batting and flannel... Should be nice and warm for fall :-)

I quilted the little car on the front, and a row of houses on the back. Forgot to take a picture of the houses, but it's hard to see the quilting in these pictures anyway!

It was fun to make, I made one for Viola last year, but this was so much easier! And his is a better fit.
I need to buy some buttons, sew some buttonholes (hate that), sew the buttons on, and yipee! It's done!
The pattern is from an old 70s childrens clothing pattern book. This is a size meant for a 3 year old. I had to shorten the sleeves a bit, but other than that, it fits. Clothes must have been VERY tight in the 70s.... Either that, or my Ask is big -he is, but not that big. LOL!

Don't forget to sign up for the Pay It Forward challenge! I can't wait to get started :-)

Have a great weekend..
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An Award and Pay It Forward

First of all, there's a FANTASTIC give-away over on Old Red Barn Co. Dana is giving away a beautiful quilt! Go leave a comment and read about all the ways to get an extra chance to win!

John over at QuiltDad, has given me an award!! Thank you so much :-)
I recently won one of the beautiful bags he made for his 50th post giveaway, he is so talented!! If you haven't seen his blog, you should visit....

The rules for this award are:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link to the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you have nominated.

My nominations are:

1: Diana Martin.
2: Suzanne at create, fun and mess.
3: Tonya at Puddinpop.
4: Susan at Chickenfoot.
5: Katy at I'm a Ginger Monkey.
6: Mathea at Crafty Mathea
7: Lily at Block-a-day.

I joined the Pay It Forward challenge by signing up on Jackies blog...this was a couple of months ago, but we agreed it would be ok to join even if I could not post about it until now.

So.....if you want to join, let me know in the comments. I then have 365 days to make -and send- a handmade item to you. Hopefully it won't take me that long!!

If you join, you have to post about it on your blog, and send a handmade item to 3 other get the idea :-)

I hope you will join, as I think this is such a great idea, and a good way to send some love in the mail :-)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sneak Peek

This is what I'm doing for my July mini-quilt-swap......I think! The squares are 2½", and 2" finished.
I saw this quilt, and wanted to see, if I could do something like that. Knowing me and my limited patience, I figured a miniquilt would be the way to go.
And then the July-theme in the mini-quilt-group is triangles!!! is almost as if I have to sew this.

Making perfect points, now that's a different matter. Hopefully I'll get better with practise?!
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vacation part II

Since saturday we have been staying in a house on a beautiful little island, Bogø. It is very very small, app. 3km x 6km.... Very small!
The house in the picture is not the house we are staying in, I just liked it :-) Lots of houses like that here. It is so pretty.

Since the island is so small, we spend a lot of time by the beach. The weather was beautiful, and the kids spent a lot of time just playing in the sand. When they got bored doing that, they had fun throwing rocks into the water...
Noone in sight!! Amazing!
We stay here until Saturday, and then we have to go back to Copenhagen!

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Back home again

After a 6 hour drive, we are back home in Copenhagen :-) The drive was long and warm, so we took lots of breaks along the way...

I went to a couple of thrift-stores while we were at my parents house, and found this towel-rack, it's meant to hang on a door. I paid $1 for it! Sorry about the flash in the photo :-(
And I found some sheets!! I want to cut these up, and use the fabric in quilts. Maybe a Christmas-present? Some of these will be great for backing!
And they costs me about $1 a piece! YAY!

Tomorrow we go on vacation for a week, Charles and I are taking the kids to a summerhouse on a small island. It's our first vacation together as a family. Fun!
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vacation part I

This first week of our summerholiday, the children and I are visiting my parents. They have a house, and a garden..... So there is lots and lots of playing outside, and I don't have to worry about broken glass, cigarette-stubs etc. So nice!

I also found the very first quilt I ever made. It's not really quilted, not even tied.... And it's quite lump as a result. LOL!
I made this in 94 -I think- and then I didn't really quilt again until 3-4 years ago!
Viola loves this quilt, because it is purple...

I comented on a give-away post on Wen's blog A Simple Life. I didn't win, but she still sent me this absolutely lovely gift..
A little purse and a sewn grocery-bag! I love them both!!

The grocerybags can be folded up, and I can cary it around with me all the time. No more buying those plastic bags!! I'm so happy! Thank you so much Wen!

I was tagged by the wonderful Suzanne from create fun and mess.... 6 unimportant facts about me:

1: I love ice-cream, my favourite is Ben&Jerrys mint-cookie-ice-cream
2: I don't like swimming in the ocean, the fish freak me out a little
3: I'm quite shy
4: I love Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton
5: I love sushi
6: I don't have a favourite color

Thanks for tagging me, I won't tag anyone....I'm not on my own computer, and this machine is taking forever to do the simplest things :-(

SØDESTE means sweetest. I got the name, because Charles set up my Flickr-account with that name, thinking I could change it later.... But how could I change it, when he gave me a name like that?!