Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quilty goals for 2011

I am not sure if I am going to be able to finish all of this in 2011, but here's the list and then we'll see how much I get done :)

I have finally made curtains for our living room, and I would love to have an extra set! Maybe even a set of Christmas curtains before December 2011! How fun would it be to have Christmas curtains?!

I am in the Bee FF quilting bee on Flickr, so I want to be on time with the blocks for that. That may sound as an easy goal to achieve, but it hasn't been so in the past! Here's hoping I'll do better in 2011!

My growing list of UFOs should be reduced.
These are the ones I want to finish:

My SC2 quilt. I have all the blocks, and I am using this mustard solid to make sashing.
SC2 LO?!
This has been waiting for a while because I couldn't decide what to use for sashing. But I need to finish it!

I also want to finish the quilt for our bed
Quilttop done 
Right now we use to regular sized quilts to make our bed, not a very good solution!
Also, I have my Row10 quilt. I still have to make my row for this
Row 10
I am looking forward to this one being finished! I love these rows so much!!

I want to reduce my stash in 2011. It is not too big, but I can definately make quite a few quilts with what I have, so my goal is to work from stash. I can buy fabrics for binding and I will need to buy batting. And I know I will buy fabric, but it shouldn't be as much as it has been in 2010.

Oh...I also want to make a quilt for Charles' dad and his girlfriend, they are getting married sometime this spring. And my SIL is turning 50....and one of my friends is having a baby.

I'll be busy!!


Trisha said...

Great goals! I love your quilt with the solid fabrics. And that row quilt is awesome. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction to make a mosaic!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your goals - I think I could work on reducing my stash too! Can't wait to see your row quilt finished. Have a fabulous 2011!

LJ said...

and and and Good luck with all those quilts and then some!
♥ LJ

mathea said...

You have a few things to keep you busy there ;-)
I have also lined up some in today's post, I'm not sure how much I will be able to stick to finishing stuff, though: I have so many new things lined up in my mind that I want to start... LOL

Hope said...

I am going to try not to buy any fabric either. Hard, but maybe I can follow through. Love those quilts! Can't wait to see them finished.

ladydi said...

These are great! I love all the blocks just waiting to be quilted - seeing them all makes me want to give up sleeping and just sew.