Monday, October 25, 2010

Mail love

As you know, I am taking part of the DQS9 - but my partner is having some trouble with the International Mailing. She has sent it out twice and it is taking forver to get here. I can only imagine the worry she is going through - I waited 2 weeks for the doll quilt I sent out to be received, and I was a nervous wreck!!!
Anyway...the mamas felt I should receive an angel quilt.

And...look what Carol sent me
DQS9 The goodies 
That quilt is a work of art, Carol is incredibly talented! I wish I could show you this quilt IRL, but if you want to see it, you have to come to my apartment ;)
Miss V and I read through the embroidery book, and she found a lot of projects she wants me to help her sew! It'll be mostly me sewing, but that's fine. The book is really cool, I'll have to share some pictures from it.

And, here you have the quilt:
Isn't it just unbelievably pretty?!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a happy little quilt! Hope your other quilt arrives safely:)

mtnchild said...

That quilt is so cheerful, and just plain gorgeous!

carol said...

I forgot to tell you the name of that quilt. Dummy me should have put if on the back. I named it, "Flowers by Mail" and how true it was, huh? They did come to you by mail!! :D

ladydi said...

It's beautiful, and what a perfect name for it!