Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Looking at curtains

I really really need to do something about the curtains in our living room....if I can say that when in fact we don't have any curtains in our living room.
Need new curtains
Our living room windows face north, and we are on the third floor (fourth floor to you Americans!) so the sun is a "problem" in the way that the room gets too hot and stuffy and everything is bleached/ruined. Sooooo....I need to do something. We have been looking for curtains for a while (a couple of years...shhhhh...) and I have been planning to sew curtains for at least one year now.
Need new curtains
I like the curtains in the pictures, they have a country-cabin feel that I really like ;)

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ladydi said...

Curtains a quilter can love! At first I thought the photo was of YOUR curtains, and you were using a quilt while you decide. I get it - the quilt IS the curtain, and I love it.