Friday, December 3, 2010


I have seen these around Flickr and blogland, and I have always thought they are really cute.
But as with so many other projects, I have never actually made any.....until Miss V saw these cuties.

She went straight for the scrap baskets and choose 5 sets of 2 prints!
Tissue Holders 
So there you go...5 tissue holders, ready to be wrapped up and given away as Christmas presents. 
Miss V is really proud of these, she chose the fabrics very carefully ;)


mtnchild said...

Those are cute as can be! Tell Miss V she did very well in choosing fabrics. I hope she grows into sewing and quilting as she ages, she has a good color sense!

ladydi said...

These make such great gifts. (The kids teachers at school always got one) I bet I've made 50 of them at one time or another - maybe this is the year to make some more. Thanks for the inspiration!