Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Lunch

Every year we have the same Holiday plans. My parents and my sister arrive on the 22nd for Miss Vs birthday, and they live quite far away, so they stay with us until after Christmas.
During Christmas we have Charles' family come over and celebrate with us, so we have lots of company during the Holidays!
This is a picture from our Christmas lunch Dec 25th. We were 11 people in all, quite a lot for our apartment :)
Miss V had made the candles and given them to Charles as a gift - she was very proud to see them on the table.
We had a traditional Danish Christmas lunch, so lots and lots of food!! We sat at the table from 1PM until 6 PM. Lots of food and lots of fun :)
My sister, my mom share in the cooking, and Charles' brother brings the drinks. We have a wonderful time.
But every year I promise myself, that I won't eat that much EVER again!

My parents and my sister are leaving today, our home will be strangely empty without them. And I go back to work tomorrow. I work Monday and Tuesday, and then I have taken Wednesday, Thursday and Frisday off. Maybe I'll be able to sew? I have lots of stuff to finish before I can make sewing plans for the New Year!


Trisha said...

It all sounds wonderful! My favorite part of the holiday season is spending time with family. I bet you will miss them!

ladydi said...

AAK! It sounds like fun, all except sitting at the table from 1-6. I need to move around!