Thursday, April 10, 2008

You can do a lot in ½ hour a day!

I just read some of my previous posts, and boy do I whine about not having enough time to sew! So now I have decided that everyday (well, okay, almost every day) when Viola comes home from kindergarten, she and I will have special mom-and-Viola-craftiness-time!

She may not want to help, but that's okay, it'll still be a great little break for us to spend some quiet-time together, and it's absolutely okay to draw, color, play with her doll-house, or whatever else (see, I'm not even thinking that she may not want to be in the craft-room with me!)

Today, we made a present for her dad:

He had this sheet when I met him, he only had one, and it's very worn in places.... But I love the pattern!!
We have a mess of vitamins, lip-balms, lotion etc on a shelf in the kitchen, so today we made a little "bucket-bag" for all this stuff to go into!

I've been tagged by the lovely Nicole aka Craftapalooza! I have to find 6 random quirks about myself....

1: I don't like milk, and I love Coca-Cola!
2: I can't sleep if I know there are dirty dishes in the zink....
3: I'm a trained waldorf-teacher
4: I'm a sargeant from the Danish AirForce
5: I love to watch mindless tv
6: I think grey is the most beautiful haircolor!

I'm tagging block-a-day, Diana Martin, Magnolias and Sunshine, Puddinpop, House of Krom, Syko

And here are the rules:
1: Link to the person that tagged you.
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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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Lisa Boyer said...

Love the little bucket bag! Uh you have pouch/bag fever, too? They're fun, aren't they? A a sargeant in the Danish Air Force? Really? Now that's very interesting...

Anonymous said...

Hvad er en Waldorf-teacher?
Hvor er det vildt at du er sergent - du rummer virkelig mange talenter!
Det er en rigtig fin blog :-)
Kh Asta

Dana said...

the print on the sheet rocks. cute little ditty bag too.

ladydi said...

What is a Waldorf teacher? I like your half hour a day idea. Getting started is always the hardest part, so the half hour could easily turn into an hour and a half. Is this during naptime for Ask?

qusic said...

I love to read these 7 random facts...If you were an air force seargent,did you fly or jump with a parachute? I am curious I know, but it's fun to get to know people better. I love what you made of this lovely sheat, to re-use is a gift
to pink: it is really a strong colour and quite a challenge, but it soothes the soul and that's the instant reward, worth trying:)