Monday, April 21, 2008

How to make life easier on yourself....

First, you make all tiresome jobs sound very very interesting and challenging. Then you look concerned when family-member asks to try, but say, "ok, then!"

And before you know it, your sweetie is getting fabrics ready for the washing machine :-)

And your sweet daugther is vacuuming!

She was so proud of herself. I did not let her do too much, though, it's quite heavy for a little girl.... So on to dusting! Much more age-appropriate :-D I just need to find something for Ask to do, and I'll be all set!


Lily Boot said...

Well done! And they both look so engrossed - excellent Tine, you've done your job well! :-)

Tonya said...

That's the secret! I am gonna have to try this ; )

vana chupp said...

They always love the vacuum cleaner..or the piggy as we call it at our house....Cute picture!

vana chupp said...

Thanks for the comment! Yes, i like Etsy so far! I can tell you that it is very addicting though. I keep myself from going crazy and buying a bunch of things...but it is nice to know that you can find someone to trade items from your shop with.