Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stash justified

Now it's finally spring! And that means no more winter-clothes in kindergarten. It's too warm... However, spring came suddenly, and the warm rainpants I ordered for Viola are not here until friday! What to do?!

Well, either go out and buy something else....no! Or dig into the stash, and see if there is something useful.....

Wind- and waterproof pants with flannel-lining :-)
The fabric was meant for Ask, but since he doesn't start daycare until next month, he'll be okay!

The color is not something I would normally choose for Viola, so to make up for that, I put a little sequin-heart-patch on one leg.

That also makes it easier for her to see how to put on the pants :-)

She likes them and was happy to wear them today.


Lily Boot said...

okay, I'm completely baffled - *warm* weather rain pants lined with flannel! :-) but confusion aside - they are so cute! And Julian (husband) wants a heart like that because he can't work out which way his pyjama pants go on!

Tine said...

LOL! Your husband should get a heart on his pyjama pants!

I can see why you get confused :-) Hmm...I don't know the word for these in English! The children are outside for most of the day, and these are for when jeans-like pants are too cold, it's still a little wet when you sit down, but it's not cold enough to wear the winterclothes. Does this make more sense?