Saturday, April 12, 2008


Yesterdays half hour was spent preparing fabrics for washing. Viola was happy with the colors and patterns, her favourite is the purple with the green dragonflies.
Today, after washing and drying, we got the fabrics ready. Viola wants us to make some skirts out of these, so I guess that's what we'll get started on tomorrow.

I have an ongoing project....ok, the everpresent WIP..... I collect conversationals for an I SPY blanket for the childrens' room. I just cut some more today, and now I have 200 3" x 3" squares. I just figured out today (!!!) that charm squares are 5" x 5".....

Now, it would have been a little easier if I had used that size. Then I would not have had to do so much cutting. But oh well, now I'll remember the size forever :-)


qusic said...

purple skirts, how cute!
if you need additional pieces/leftovers of novelty fabrics for your project, let me know, my scrap basket is brimming!

Jackie said...

I love your purple fabrics!! That will be some skirt! I have some wonderful I spy fabrics that are already cut up. You are welcome to them. If you would like them, just send me an e-mail with your address and I will send them along to you.