Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My 11 year old hair stylist and an early birthday present

Next Monday is my sons 9th birthday, I made him a floor cushion - and I just couldn't wait, so I gave it to him today! 

I pieced blue strips from my bigger scraps, and quilted with a loopy pattern. The pillow is 65 cm square, so it is big enough for him to sit on, while playing games or watching tv - or building LEGOs or whatever else he does. 

My feet are in the pictures for scale - because you all know how big my feet are, right? :)

The pillow is fully lined, and with its really big zipper, it is easy to just throw this pillow case in the wash.

In other news, I really desperately needed a haircut. So I asked my daugther, if she would do it, she reluctantly agreed. Yesterday she cut 4-5 inches off the length, aaaaah. But, I really wanted today, she cut those too. 

Yay. I am really happy with the result. And really proud of my very brave 11 year old hair stylist daugther!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It looks like your daughter knew what she was doing when she cut your hair.

l said...

Great hairstylist!
I really like that pillow too...I think Celeste would love one of those. What size is the pillow form in it?

Kate said...

You are a brave woman. Your daughter did a great job of it. Very fun pillow, perfect for lots of fun time on the floor.