Monday, March 21, 2016

Dressmaking, Part 1 (....of who knows how many!)

I have made some clothes before, but I try to stick with the not too complicated patterns. I am ok (sort of) with zippers, but no lining or stiff interface-heavy collars for me.... Oh...and buttons are not my favorite either.

Anyway...the dress. The kids have this week off, so I will be taking them on day trips - and not have much time left for my sewing project. But a little each day will make a difference. So today: tracing the pattern!

I had forgotten the crazy look of the pattern sheets in Burda magazines :-) Oh well, I got it done. The pattern is traced, cut out and ready to go! But then it was time to cook dinner, and play a board game and bed for the kiddos. So...I will make more progress tomorrow. I hope.

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