Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sarah Fielke BOM: Practicing needle turn appliqué

Moving on to month 2 of Sarah Fielkes BOM, and this is a lot of applique setting blocks. It's a good thing I have until October to get these done. I am new at appliqué (actually I have no idea what I am doing), but it was one of the reasons for me signing up for this BOM. I have always loved Sarah Fielkes quilts, but have never made one, because I was intimidated by all the appliuqué (we'll talk about all the hand quilting another day....)

Anyway, I have prepped the appliqué blocks with green stems, I have cut my leaves, and I am ready to go. We'll see how I do. This is how far I got, before I had to stop last night. Also, I need to get more thread - I apparantly don't sew a lot in yellow, orange and light green :-)

In all fairness, Sarah gives excellent instructions in this BOM, so if ever I am going to learn, it is going to be while finishing this :-)

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