Thursday, May 26, 2016

Elena sized hour baskets

When the kids saw the hour baskets I made for the kitchen, they really wanted one each, to keep track of their stuff in the car.... The Hour Baskets are quite roomy - so I went with a smaller size, the Elena size from Friends of the Hour Basket - for this project.

Miss V really likes the designs by Me and My Sister Design, so I chose these 2 mini charm packs for her Elena hour basket

I am very pleased with the finished result

I had just finished cutting out charms for a basket for my son, when he came home from school and told me, that he wanted something completely different. So he chose the fabrics for his basket from my yardage:

Really nice choice! 


Alexandra Dekerf said...

They both look great! I am planning on making the regular hour basket this weekend, I just need to choose which fabrics :)

Kate said...

Those look perfect for the car. Love both fabric choices. Your kids definitely have a great color sense.