Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pink floor cushion for Miss V

Ever since she saw the floor cushion I made for A for his birthday (in March....), Miss V has asked me, to make one for her. I could choose the pattern - as long as I made it in pink fabrics :-)

So....I chose HSTs, and this layout:

This should be fairly simple, but I managed to sew every HST together the wrong way. Lots of unpicking... Fot the other side, I used the leftover HSTs and some strips - didn't need to repeat the seam ripping. I have had my share of doing that for a while now!

Moving on to basting - and cofee to keep my spirits up :-) But this is the fun part! Well....not so much the basting, but the quilting.

Here it is, all done: (do you see the star?)

I took this picture this afternoon. This makes me happy, and this is why I made the cushions in the first place. The kiddos love to sit on the floor, with their toys, puzzles games.... Our floors are cold hardwood floors, so they need a soft cushion!

Now I need to make one for me, and then we are all set for playing board games on the floor :-)


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You have so many interesting fabrics in pink. The floor cushion turned out great and both sides are nice designs.

Kate said...

Very cute, definitely perfect in pink. What color will you make your floor cushion?