Saturday, May 21, 2016

My first hour baskets

Oh my goodness! If you haven't made one (or more) of these hour baskets yet, go get the pattern, and make some!!
The pattern has directions for fabric handles, but I have some leather, and I really like how that looks. So I substituted...also, it's a lot quicker :-)

My kids like to get their own snacks in between meals, and they really should be able to, but we have just never has a space designated to "snacks it's ok to eat" - i.e. not sugary candylike stuff..
So I desided to make an hourbasket, and put the granola bars, the crackers and the other goodies in that - put it right there on the kitchen counter, so it would be easy for them to choose something healthy. 

But then....who can make just one? There's a pattern, Friends of the Hour Basket, that'll give you lots of different sizes, can't wait to try some of them out!

This one, in the pretty Kaffe Fassett print, will be for bread, breadsticks, tortillas etc.

I love these.... they are so fun to make.
Maybe I should make one for potatoes...onions.......anything, really.

My daugther has asked for some to organize her toys and her markers. So I am sure I get to make many more of these :-)


Kate said...

Very pretty and so useful. Looking forward to seeing what other uses you come up with.

Katie said...

Oooo! Great baskets. Thank you for the links! :-)