Wednesday, May 25, 2016

An ittybitty heartshaped earbud pouch for Miss V

You know how those smartphone earbuds always get tangled up in a big mess - and possibly they got themselves tangled into pretty much everything else in your bag?
...I don't, but that is what my daugther asked me, right before asking, if she could please have some little bag to keep them seperate from the rest of her stuff - and could that bag please be purple?

So, I found this cute heartshaped earbud pouch tutorial. It is by Dog Under my Desk, and it is really simple to make!

I'll need to make one for me. But maybe the round one - I'm not sure I would want the heartshaped one...cute as it is :-)


Katie said...

So cute! Erin’s patterns are the best. :-)

Kate said...

What a cute why to keep all those cords separated.