Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring :)

Spring seems to finally have found its way to Denmark!
We have had picnics, and not only in the living room - real outside picnics. Needless to say Miss V is excited about that :)
First picnic of the year 
It is nice to spend more time outside, without having to put on 50 layers of clothes first.
I have finished my BeeFF block for Lu - she asked for a garden, so I made her some strawberries
BeeFF for Lu 

Also...I finally cut into my Hope Valley jelly roll. I am pretty happy with how this is turning out - more pictures to follow - there are some rookie mistakes, but that's ok. It's my first time.
I hope to get this finished soon. 
Somehow I only seem to sew things that I have not planned. So far I haven't really made any progress on my list for 2011. So either I'll have a very productive fall, or I just won't get everything done :)


Exuberant Color said...

I love your strawberries!! Spring is going to start later this week here, finally!

ladydi said...

Yay for picnic, gardens, and jelly rolls! I do love the free motion quilting on your picnic quilt - you're really good at that.

mathea said...

Love your strawberries! And your Hope Valley project looks terrific! Can't wait to see what it becomes! I wouldn't worry too much about those plans, they can always be adjusted - my lists are constantly changing as new ideas pop up.