Friday, May 2, 2008

A post a day in May

Viola wanted us to have dessert today, so I helped her make her dessert of choice: Jello.

This time it was pineapple....

Our sewing-time of the day, was spent dealing with a storage-problem. You know how the lids for plastic-containers tend to be all over the place?
Not anymore! Viola and I made this little bucket-bag for them.

It works really well, and I am so pleased everytime I open the drawer and I can see what's in there -without having to move 20 lids out of the way first :-)

Have you read Allsort's blog? She has idea of posting every day in May, I'm going to take that challenge, and look what a great start I'm off to....I read the post a day late :-D


A Thrifty Mrs said...

The bucket bag is fantastic, a really great idea. I need something like that - the lids seem to take over our drawer.

I am doing Allsorts 'Post a day in may' too. Good luck!

ladydi said...

Great solution to the "I can never find the right sized lid" problem.
Your bucket bag is beautiful! Good for you and Viola with the jello project. I must admit that when you say dessert I think chocolate, but jello in the shape of a teddy bear sounds good, too.

Billie said...

Cute bucket bag and great idea. I need something like that! I joined the challenge, too, that's how I found your blog, very nice!