Friday, May 9, 2008

I fell asleep!

Ask did so well yesterday, he played with his new friends, and didn't complain at all. I sat at the nearby coffee-shop, and studied. I am really quite busy, I have a 20 page paper due May 26th...

But I still found time to do some shopping.... This is a new house-dress. Viola and Charles love it, and want me to wear it out of the house too. We'll see about that!

And I got Ask some sandals for summer.

And....who can resist these little Tupperware-wannabies?! They are perfect for bringing raisins, nuts, grapes and all those little foods the kids like to eat :-)

Anyway, this was supposed to be yesterdays post, but after I fell asleep when I was tugging Viola into bed, and when I finally woke up, I just went right back to sleep in my own bed...
so there may just be 2 posts today!


thriftymrs said...

Aww bless you falling asleep, sounds like a busy day.
It is good to hear that Ask is getting on better at daycare.
I really like your new dress by the way, I would wear it outside, it's very cool.

Deborah said...

It's nice to know that there are women like me who wear "house dresses". My boyfriend of 15 years still can't get over me wearing a dress to lounge in. Very cute dress! big hug, Deborah

Tonya said...

That dress is fabulous, tine! I would definitely wear it out of the house, it doesn't even look like a housedress to me. I never look that good when I am just staying home LOL

I am so glad that Ask is still doing well at daycare : )

A 20 page paper?!!!! OMGoodness, that makes me sick to my stomach even thinking about! I didn't like school very much, unless it was a subject that interested me. For your sake, I hope your paper is on a topic that interests you : )

lera said...

LOVE the dress!