Sunday, November 28, 2010

Office Christmas Party

...well more like an outing, really :)
Family Christmas party with work 
Every year (this is my first) the entire Copenhagen site is invited along with our families to a Christmas Party outside Copenhagen.
We took the train - never do that when it's in the middle of the first serious snowfall of the season ;) 
Family Christmas party with work
Anyway...the party was great! Good food, huge decorated tree, Santa came and had brought candy for the kids.
And we got to go in horse-drawn carriages to a Christmastree lot in the woods where we chose and cut down our own tree! Fun! The kids were so excited :)
Family Christmas party with work 
Bringing the tree back to Copenhagen on the train was a bit of a challenge, but Mr Sødeste is a strong guy, so he managed :D
Now we just need all the snow on the tree to melt, and then we can put it up and decorate it!


susan said...

Oh please tell me you took pix of the tree on the train!!!!that must have been an adventure

stellamaria said...

the pictures look like the landscape where the snowqueen lives...
very delightful !

Sewjournal said...

Beautiful photos

ladydi said...

What a beautiful place, and the snow makes it look even more charming! I can imagine the excitement of your children choosing and cutting the tree. Two decades ago our children were that age, doing the same thing, an ocean away. Great memories!

Alex said...

looks like a beautiful, magical place!

Arkerchi said...

really lovely snowy place... happy holidays in advance :)