Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas decorations in the making

Miss V has asked for at least a month if we could please put up the Christmas decorations?! I have been able to stall until now, pretty good I think :)

I love garlands, and I remembered seing this felt garland tute. So since I am spending a lot of time on the couch watching reruns of old tv-shows anyway, I figured I might as well do some stitching...
Garland WIP 
Miss V was happy to help me put all these on a thread and hang it in the window
First garland done 
I am pretty sure we will put it on out tree, though, I don't like it in the window. It seems too small somehow...
So I have rolled it up, and put it away so it is ready for our tree.

All rolled up 
It looks really pretty this way. Like a felt flower :)


mtnchild said...

Just lovely. I like the blanket stitch that you did around the edges of the felt; makes it more colorful.

I saw another felt garland with circles - the circles are about the same size, but they can vary, some small, some larger. Stitch across the circle, leave a space of 3-4 inches add another circle, stitch across and just continue until all the felt circles are used. It would make the garland longer. Just an idea for you. You can do a blanket stitch on those too, or leave them plain. I hope you understood my instructions.

PS You could also do the same thing with leaf shapes for the fall ...

ladydi said...

Pretty! I like the above idea, too, to get more milage out of the same circles.

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