Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vienna - Hundertwasser

This must be the architect of my dreams!!!
Hunderwasserhouse, Vienna
The work he did, is so unique and so beautiful. I can only imagine what it must be like, to live in one of these houses! The pictures are ones I took using the camera in my cellphone, there are much better ones on the website - also ones where the trees are green...amazing!
The other side of the building

I think it looks amazing!
There is also a museum with some of Hunderwassers paintings and models of can see some of his work at their website: Kunsthaus Wien
The museum is a work of art in itself
Kunsthaus Wien 
I am blown away by these buidings, they are such an inspiration!
And now I also know where my dream vacation would Bad Blumau!


Exuberant Color said...

Thanks for posting those photos! I have a book about him and a calendar of Hundertwasser paintings. Those buildings are so unique. I want to live there too!

ladydi said...

Wow! Amazing architecture, but once you're inside, don't you suppose it would be much like living anywhere?

Tonya said...

OH my gosh, those buildings are amazing!!! I checked out the link, I want to go to Bad Blumau with you! LOL

Alex said...

Wow! that is amazing, very interesting buildings!

Anette said...

Have you ever see the staition in Uelzen (germany) from Hundertwasser?

greets, Anette