Friday, November 5, 2010

Self Portrait Friday

This week has been such a busy one. But then every week seems to be that way. Come Friday evening I am sitting on the couch, not really wanting to get up...not even to go to bed! I may just fall asleep right here.
This is my picture forthis weeks' self portrait. I am happy because I had a good week, because I have spent this afternoon watching Miss V splash around in the pool during her swimming lesson, because I am watching tv and eating popcorn with Mr Sødeste.
Life is good.

-and I'm a little anxoius, I'm leaving for Vienna on Sunday. I'll be gone until Thursday night! I am going to miss the kids so much!
But it will be fun...I'm going as part of my job, but there will be time in the evenings to go and do some (other) fun stuff.....know of any quilt shops in Vienna, Austria?


Chris said...

Great picture. I wish I were headed for Vienna!! :-/ Have a safe trip :)

machen und tun said...

love the pic!!
i don´t know about any quiltshops in V. but please make sure to eat some Kaiserschmarrn, drink their wonderful coffee and, yes, have some Wiener Schnitzel in some good restaurant, you shouldn´t regret that. sorry, i am all about the food when travelling..
the city is sooo wonderful and the austrian women very fashionable i found. have fun, enjoy and make pictures please :-)

Tonya said...

Beautiful picture! Wow, Vienna,Austria!!!! Have fun : D

ladydi said...

I so understand about missing the children, but try to enjoy yourself anyway. There has to be a quilt shop there! (Maybe a yarn shop, too ;0)