Monday, November 23, 2009

One month to go....

...and I haven't made any Christmas-presents yet!!! I have made a softie for my good friend who is having a baby...

....and I have been fabric-shopping. I won't show you all the fabric I bought, for some reason I hoard fabric when I am too busy to sew!

Oooops...the photo is upside-down!

I have started the princess quilt for Viola. This is a picture of the quilt-top. It had me so confused, I never worked with a panel before.

It's a little too pink-and-purple-and-glitter for me, but I am pretty sure Miss V will love it ;)

I finally finished my 8two8 quilt. And I love it!

I love the backing fabric, the dots are happy-happy-happy..

I quilted some spirals in the sashingstrips, and squirly-squirls everywhere else.
This is a picture of the finished quilt. I like it so much. Can you tell?!
I am going to try to get back into blogging, but I am having such a hard time getting into the new routine. I miss you. And I miss sewing. So much.


LauraJ said...

Aww. I miss you too!! Don't worry though, I've been sewing enough for the both of us! 3 finished quilts in November alone! Woot woot!
I love your 8two8 quilt! I saw a photo on C's flickrstream of you snuggling up with your quilt. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear from you Tine. Your quilt turned out so pretty. I had trouble once with a Laurel Burch panel. It hadn't been cut straight at the shop and I hadn't the heart to cut through some of the critters so all the time I was having to compensate for that. I know better now. :-)

ladydi said...

I love your quilt! You did a beautiful job on the quilting, and the colors and blocks are stunning.

Some years you just have to buy presents. As you have said, you can't do it all. :>} (as much as you would like to. ;0)

anne from finland said...

You have made lovely items again! Similar problem: lack of time everywhere!

machen und tun said...

this quilt is soooo great, well done, Tine!! don´t stress yourself too much for christmas :-)

susan said...

and rightly so! its beautful
i really like this color scheme too and have plans for a an orange and fushcia pink quilt in my future. dont fret over blogging, we are just happy to see you whenever youre here!!

Mrs Moen said...

Lovely quilts! I too hoard fabric when I don't sew:-)