Sunday, September 27, 2009

Changes in our routine..

September is Johns month in SewConnected 2. He has chosen to make a house quilt inspired by Ingrid Press. I made him this little house, and is was so much fun to make, I'm thinking he'll probably get at least one more from me :)

There has not been a lot of sewing going on here for a while now. As you know, I finished my studies and started working full-time. But there has been changes for the kids too.
Miss V started a new daycare in August, and A will be joining her this coming monday.
These are his new slippers, he is very happy with them
Charles is busy writing his PhD, so he has to work most weekends. The kids and I are having some good times at home, we have to make it extra special, so we don't miss Charles so much :)

The kids' favourite lunch (besides McD or BurgerKing. Lol) is homemade pizza. And if you ask them, there is no such thing as too many olives on a pizza.
Too bad for me, I don't like olives :)

Charles had given the kids these chocolate ladybugs, they thought it was fun to pretend they could play with the ladybugs on the tablecloth. Lol!!
So.....I am hoping to get a little sewing time today. It's sunday morning, and Charles is off to work right after breakfast. So maybe a little sewing time while A naps? Or maybe no sewing for me today....we'll have to see!
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mathea said...

That little house is just so sweet. I've been coming across them in blogs everywhere since I first spotted yours it seems, and I'm even considering starting one of my own (as if I need a new project...), but first thing first - I'm off to the cutting table to start a new x-block quilt. Have a fun Sunday!

Katy said...

Homemade pizza is something I always say I'm going to make, and then never get round to it. I must make a real effort one of these days and make a nice big pizza and keep the kids happy.

Ladybirds on the tablecloth? That's so cute (or ladybugs if you're not from the UK, of course)

ladydi said...

Cute little house! I enjoyed seeing the quilt from your link; people have such great ideas, and are so kind to share. Love those slippers for A, and I don't like olives either!! Isn't it funny that your children do? I just thought I hadn't acquired such a grown up taste yet. :>}

anne from finland said...

The tiny house is so cute! I wish you find time for sewing!!! Have a nice week!

jacquie said...

homemade pizza is the best. love your little house...they are so fun to make!

amandajean said...

i love that little house! they are addictive, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

I hope the children settle into their new routine quickly. If they are happy then you will be too and able to fit in crafting more easily.

Cute house-love the colour.

Helen said...

Oh Tine! How cute is that little house? Very sweet. :) LOVED the Lego post below, I called my girls in from the other room to have a look. They said "COOL Mummy! Can we go there today??" Ummm, maybe not today. LOL

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a sweet house block! Nothing beats robot slippers.