Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas

I made an I SPY for A for Christmas. I used the "Turning Twenty" pattern and made the blocks 12" square. I like it :) And more importantly, so does A. I especially like the binding!
I tried to use as much dinosaur fabric as I could in this, it's hard to find dino prints here, but much to my liking A refers to this quilt as his Dinosaur-quilt :D I even put a label on it!!

Miss V also needed a quilt for her bed, and I have been promising her a princess quilt for a very long time.
Sometime in November this conversation took place:
Miss V: Mom, I am looking forward to Christmas sooooo much!
Me: Yes, I know
Miss V: Especially because at Christmas I'll get my princess quilt
Me: Really??!! (slight panic and disbelief)
Miss V: Yes, mom! That's why I can't wait!

So I started sewing!!
This is the front, the panel was giving me a hard time, I have never worked with one before. Miss V loves it, that's a success if you ask me :)

I tried some spiral quilting in the purple border - fun!
Both kids were happy with their quilts, and so am I!!

We had a very happy Christmas, I hope you all did too.
Little A and I have been sick for a little over a week, though, so that slowed everything down a bit.

Now I need to see if I met my sewing-expectations from last New Year, and decide on my goals for 2010!

I hope you and your loved ones had a very merry Christmas!
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Jackie said...

Wonderful quilts! I bet they were just totally thrilled!! They will love them forever and ever.

Exuberant Color said...

they both came out great. Great job getting them both done in time for Christmas.

jacquie said...

both so great tine! i'm so glad you had a nice christmas!!

Tina said...

It's so wonderful when the recipients (especially our own kids) love the quilts we have made for them. They turned out great!

Suzanne said...

The quilts are just beautiful and how sweet of Miss V, it really would have been the best present ever I think.
Hope you had some time to relax over the Christmas period.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Tine.

The quilts for your children are so lovely. I'm sure they will be loved for years.

ladydi said...

Your quilts are beautiful, and I did have to smile about about Ask calling his a dinosaur quilt, instead of say, a truck quilt! Your quilting is amazing - I love it and am very impressed.