Thursday, March 27, 2008

Past projects

Thank you for wishing me well! It has worked! I only have a cold now, no more headaches, and no fever. YAY! So thank you very very much :-)

As I forgot my camera went I went out today, you missed a trip and a meeting about my paper on patents! Oh bummer, huh?!
Ask slept right through it, and he usually doesn't like to miss a thing.

So I've decided to show you some past projects.
When I was pregnant with my daugther, I made her this quilt

I hand-appliqued the animals, the rest is done on my machine. We've used this quilt so much!
So when we were expecting our second child, I wanted to make another quilt, about the same size.

The animals are from the book Covered with Love by piece o'cake designs I like their designs a lot, and I wish I had the patience to do handapplique, but no.... So since there's a timelimit when the quilt is for a new baby, I decided to do this on my machine.

The back of the quilt is sewn together from fabrics from my stash.... A great way to use up some of the strange fabric I totally forgot why I bought.
This quilt was sent out to a proffesional longarm-quilter, by the time it was ready to quilt, I was so far along I could hardly reach my machine when sitting in front of it.


Jodie said...

Hi, How is your study? I did a very simlar course and am now working in a school library. The course was dreary but the work is great.!

ladydi said...

What darling quilts! Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us.