Monday, May 16, 2016

The Necessary Clutch Wallet

I finally tried it - maybe tackling the Sew Together Bag made me more brave :-)
....or maybe the fact that I (once again) lost my credit card, made me realize, that I need a wallet?

Either way, my sister got the pattern for me (no credit card - no online shopping!!), and I started right away. This is my first attempt at the Necessary Clutch Wallet:

I really like the green print I used for the flap - I may have to make another one like it. In this one I used Soft and Stable as interfacing in the exterior of the bag. It's quite heavy - maybe it'll be better with some use? Or maybe I should throw it in the wash to see if it'll soften up a little?

Here's the inside of this clutch:

So...I also forgot to use interfacing on the credit card slots.... Not good!

So, I tried again. This one is not perfect, but much better:

I used an iron-on interfacing for the flap (and everywhere else). The thickness is much better, but it makes the fabric look a little crinkled :(

The inside of this clutch:

I like the second clutch much better. But I am going to be making a 3rd attempt at this. With an interfacing that does not need to be ironed on... We'll see when I get to it.

Anyway, it's a fun pattern, and it comes together without any hazzles. It's from Emmaline Bags.

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Kate said...

Very fun wallets, both of them. Looks like a very complicated pattern.